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Crafting a Robusta like no other

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There’s a widely held belief that the passion and devotion shown in the processing of specialty Arabica coffee will never be reflected in the processing of Robusta coffee. At Macenta Beans we’re challenging that.


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Macenta Beans: What coffee experts say about us

Our washed method brings both clarity of flavour and consistency, so the high-end Roasters we work with in Europe and around the world know what they’re getting and that it will be good.

Washed coffees are unique in that their flavor is derived almost entirely from the natural sugars and nutrients the bean absorbs during its growing cycle. All the fermentation happens at the start, which makes it easier to control in terms of taste profile and other characteristics.   

With a washed coffee, you are tasting the coffee itself: the origin, the coffee variety, the terroir—it’s a pure coffee experience and a showcase of the bean, the land, and the skill and dedication of the grower that produced it.

At Macenta Beans, in developing our single-origin specialty Robustas, we’re connecting the coffee we produce with its origins.

Crafting a Robusta like no other

Support us to produce a Robusta like no other.

The washed process is able to highlight the true character of a single origin bean like no other process, which is the reason why so many specialty coffees are washed.

Mamy Dioubaté, founder