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Disrupting a billion dollar industry

Group 40

Working with Macenta’s farmers and coffee lovers all over the world, we’re bringing something genuinely new to the $100billion global coffee market—a whole new category: sustainable single-origin specialty Robusta. And it might just be the key to creating a fair, ecologically responsible coffee future for us all and our children.


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Coffee farmers tasting their own coffee for the first time

The UNESCO-protected Macenta region in Guinea, West Africa, offers some of the world’s best soil and harvesting conditions for sustainable coffee farming. Yet currently there is still no single-origin premium coffee from this extraordinary terroir on the market.

Macenta Beans is changing that from the ground up, empowering growers and connecting with leading roasters to bring the taste of Macenta to the world.

And because of the way our coffee is grown and processed, we’re both benefiting from and contributing to the biodiversity of the land, ensuring that future generations will also profit from our enterprise.

Many coffee lovers around the world will have only ever experienced coffee from Arabica crops, either from Ethiopia or Central and South America. If they have tasted Robusta it will likely have been an inferior off-grade form of the kind used in cheap mass produced coffees.

Yet baristas and leading voices in the coffee industry are increasingly looking to Robustas, not just for environmental and ecological reasons, but for the unique taste profiles they can offer.

We’re putting Macenta on the map and building a movement for real and lasting change to the way coffee is grown, produced and sold. This is not about replacing Arabica; it’s about offering a genuine alternative.  

Disrupting a billion dollar Industry

Support us to create an ecologically responsible coffee future for us all.

“We’re creating a context here, an organisation that can build trust between people. If we do that, that can bring a lot of change on the ground.”

Mamy Dioubaté, founder