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The Macenta Duo: Espresso and Café Crema 250 g each - 100% Single Origin Fine Robusta


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Our Macenta Duo offers the perfect opportunity to experience one of the most flavorful and interesting Robusta coffees in the world, while helping to add value to the lives of Macenta growing communities.

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With our exclusive Macenta Duo – Sédimai Espresso (250g) and Binikala Café Crema (250g) – immerse yourself in Macenta in Guinea, the birthplace of coffee and home of the Coffea Canephora plant. Better known as Robusta.

Although nearly 40 percent of the coffee on the world market is the ‘Robusta variety,’ it’s still nearly impossible to buy high-quality single-origin Robusta in Germany — until now.

These two wild coffees from different regions deep in the Ziama rainforest impress with their unique low-acid nature, subtle aromatic notes, and each with its own distinctive taste and texture.

By purchasing our duo, you are directly contributing to bringing something new and extraordinary to the coffee market while adding value to the lives of the farming communities in Macenta. Especially for the farmers from the region, who have been denied the full potential of their coffee for too long, a completely new business sector is made possible.

A business that protects biodiversity, reduces the carbon footprint, empowers farmers, and makes single-origin Robusta coffee taste incredible.

Additional information

What makes Macenta Beans Robusta coffee so special?

Taste. Every single Macenta Beans coffee has a unique taste, thanks to the special soil conditions and microclimate.

Transparency. We buy the coffee cherries directly from coffee farmers, process it ourselves and sell it ourselves. Thus, we can offer our customers full transparency.

Fair trade. We pay our coffee farmers three times more for their coffee than the usual market price. In addition, we transfer know-how and with our showcase plantation we create a place for exchange, learning and networking.

Social Impact. We create perspectives and make a real difference to the lives of people in Macenta. Sustainable! And this not only during the coffee season, but all year round – through our fruit and vegetable project we create jobs not only for the coffee farmers.

Good for the environment. We use no fertilisers, no chemicals. We plant coffee trees. We practice waste-free production. Our Robusta creates habitats for bees and insects. Our Robusta is not grown in monocultures and thus improves soil conditions.

Active against deforestation. Due to the higher income from coffee, more and more coffee farmers are motivated to stay in coffee production instead of removing the coffee plantations and replacing them with palm oil plantations. Unfortunately, this still happens quite often in other regions. We want to change that!

Ecological footprint. No coffee-growing country in the world is closer to Germany than Guinea.

About Macenta Beans

Coffee from Guinea, West Africa, is still quite unknown in the world. Macenta Beans is going to change that. Our goal is to produce one of the best Robusta coffees in the world – not only to raise the profile of Guinea coffee, but also so that the entire coffee variety Coffea canephora, also known as Robusta, gets more attention worldwide.

We believe in the unique properties of Robusta coffee and promote a quality-oriented, sustainable and effective way of production.

Macenta coffee is one of the first three Geographical Indications recognized by the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) in 2013. Our coffee grows near one of the densest rainforest areas in West Africa, surrounded by the Ziama massif – a 1,384 m high mountain range. The region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to 22 protected wildlife

The high altitude and the particular humid microclimate of the Macenta region provide excellent growing conditions, which, combined with state-of-the-art processing techniques, result in excellent quality coffee.