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Trace your coffee to its origins

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Macenta, Guinea, West Africa. One of the original birthplaces of coffee and home to the coffea canephora plant. Better known as Robusta. But not really known at all.


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Macenta: Africa’s natural Bio-lab

Because here’s the thing: while around 40% of the world’s coffee is a form of ‘Robusta’, it’s almost impossible to find a quality single-origin Robusta in Europe or indeed any major coffee drinking market.

And yet the microclimate, the biodiversity, the terroir here is perfect for growing quality single-origin Robusta coffee.

What’s more, there are no shortage of coffee farmers in Macenta. 70% of Macenta’s population lives off the land and coffee is by far the most important crop.

But a system of cash crops that undermines quality has prevented the world from knowing the true coffee of Macenta.

Macenta Beans is changing the way coffee is grown, processed and sold in Macenta. We’re bringing the unique taste of Macenta to the world—and putting Macenta on the map.

Trace your coffee back to its origins

Support us to bring the true taste of Macenta to a coffee shop near you.

I don’t think it’s a zero-sum game where the emergence of Robusta on the specialty coffee market takes away from Arabica market. We should work on coffee quality and diversity. We need to diversify. We need to think about all those people we don’t reach with our current specialty coffee product instead of being worried about the cake getting sliced up into smaller pieces. Let’s make a bigger cake.

Mamy Dioubaté, founder