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Transforming Coffee Production in West Africa

Group 40

We’re bringing an innovative product to a market that’s looking for innovation. Our pragmatic approach demonstrates that if you put your energy into what works and not what doesn’t, and you’re transparent about what you’re doing, you can make things happen.


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Macenta Beans: Shaping the future of coffee

By opening the region’s first state-of-the-art processing facility, we’re enabling small-scale producers to take control of the production and preparation of export-ready premium beans.

Up until now farmers in West Africa have been too dependent on intermediaries. Lack of facilities and connections to international markets has inhibited development, while the power of the intermediaries to set prices and exploit farmers’ short-term needs at critical points in the season, removes the incentive for growers to deliver a highest quality product.

The processing facility will transform the prospects of local producers by enabling them to create a world-class coffee. And as West Africa’s first facility of its kind, it will act as a magnet for international business and stimulus for the entire regional economy.

Beyond infrastructure projects, Macenta Beans is already running an outreach program to over 2,000 small- and micro-scale producers. Working together we’re putting in place robust quality standards, practices that will ensure we keep up with the highest quality producers on the world market and provide consumers with a coffee experience they can trust.

Transforming the coffee industry in West Africa

Support us to unlock the potential for sustainable coffee production in West Africa.

I have worked as a consultant in large international coffee companies. I am currently finalizing a Ph.D. on changes in the coffee industry. I’m convinced that our coffee washing plant will become an economic boom for the whole region.

Mamy Dioubaté, founder