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Africa’s Future Brew. Washed and ready to roast.


Macenta Beans is a grassroots coffee venture based in the Macenta region of Guinea in West Africa. We select, process and supply green coffee beans to roasters around the world. As well as delivering commercial viability, we also integrate the wider social issues of local farming communities into our practices and vision.


The coffees we produce are single-origin specialty Robustas that we prepare using the washed method.

Right now, it’s almost impossible to get hold of a quality Robusta in Europe or indeed anywhere else. Yet baristas, consumers and leading voices in the coffee industry are increasingly looking to Robustas, not just for environmental and ecological reasons, but for the unique taste profiles they can offer.


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This is a rare chance to bring a genuinely new coffee experience to the world: Robusta that’s sustainable, fair, and can share a platform with any top Arabica.

We’re reaching out to bold and forward-thinking roasters to partner with us to create and champion a Robusta like no other.

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  • Grade specialty/fine Robusta
  • Score min. 81 points
  • Cup profile herbal, dried fruit, bold & round, dark chocolate
  • Processing semi-washed or honey
  • Packaging VIDEPLAST® high fiber plastic bags
  • Coffee storage Hamburg, Germany
  • Rain per year 260-280 days
  • Total rainfall 2000-3000mm per year
  • Average temp 25°C (min 12°C - max 31°C)
  • Altitude 600-1100 M.A.S.L.
  • Soil volcanic
  • Guinea 245,836 km2

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